Living Color: A Writer Paints Her World

Join the bestselling author of Wild Mind and Writing Down the Bones as she explores a new realm of creativity–the world of color–and offers us an intimate view of how everyday life is transformed into art.

In twelve high-spirited chapters, Natalie introduces us to her family, her artist friends, her New Mexico home, her painting trips to Europe–always focusing on the questions faced by any creative person, whatever their medium. Why, for example, does an artist choose some subjects and not others? (“I was crazy about the wrong-color sky and the heart-sinking beckoning of headlights on old cars,” she acknowledges.) How does a painter draw nourishment from another painter’s work? (“I didn’t want fancy art theories. I wanted a direct connection with the painting before me.”) When is it time to move into a new form? (“I had to go to an empty white canvas and find out what was within me.”)

More than 60 four-color reproductions of Natalie’s distinctive and joyous paintings appear throughout. The result is a feast for the eyes and a celebration of the creative spirit in action. Buy from Amazon

Natalie’s works are on display and can be purchased at the Ernesto Mayans Gallery on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Call 505-983-8068

“Natalie Goldberg paints as she writes — with a passionate, singular vision. She captures in the dailiness of ‘things’ –a chair, a stove, a gap-toothed piano, a jalopy–something divinely humorous and humorously divine. Part memoir and pure magic, Living Color is a book of luminous humanity.”
—Julia Cameron, author of “The Artists’ Way” and “The Vein of Gold: A Journey To Your Creative Heart”